Shopping and Eating at Kitchen by Mike

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So I say shopping and eating at Kitchen by Mike because you cannn do both, but you’d be in a far different financial position from myself. Although one time I bought an egg cup, so there….

Anyway the real draw in going to Kitchen by Mike is le cuisine. From breakfast to lunch this man does not put a foot wrong. Everything you will taste is fresh, appropriately juicy and perfectly cooked.

I have snuck out to KbM (as the cool kids call it) for a study lunch and it was uniquely thrilling to hop in the canteen line and choose my fair. With alternating salads and meat available ranging from healthy to glutinous there is something for any mood. On this particular occasion I splashed out on pork belly – crisped to perfection- and juicy, with a great pile of cauliflower bake and fresh cucumber salad that was delicious and excruciating at the same time – like salt and vinegar chips.

Kitchen by Mike Pork Lunch Above

Having seen the lunch spread when it was suggested we go for breakfast I had images of trays of pastries and deliciously buttery things, but my savoury preferences were pleasantly surprised when there was a cooked to order menu as well! I ordered the big breakfast and was told that the eggs were coddled. Having no idea what that meant at the time I just nodded along and said it was fine. It was more than fine, I don’t know what coddled eggs are but I LOOOOOVE THEMEMMEMEME. They are delicious and oozy and barely cooked – which it turns out is pretty much what it means, which is why on the menu they are described as “poached” eggs.

Now that Sydney is the land of baked breakfasts (often accompanied with some overdone eggs) it was such a nice relief to have soft eggs, salty bacon and squishy roasted tomatoes, which is how I imagine the eggs are generally meant to be. I loved them so much I went back and ordered the same thing… twice. In fact I’m very much looking forward to going back again, or on a non-pay week just replicating the recipe at home. Just look below at their gooey awesome runny yolk.

Kitchen by Mike_BBI am aware of a  tendency for a few cynics to pop out when a place like Kitchen by Mike becomes popular, but my thoughts are you can go in and think of yourself sitting in a cold cavernous warehouse eating expensive canteen food or you can grab some family and friends huddle around the heaters or sit in the sunshine out the back and order good quality, perfectly cooked local food that just so happens to be served in a way that throws back to canteens. Personally I find comfort in the nostalgia.

Mike has just released a fabulous cookbook that I had the pleasure of viewing from afar and it is now the number 1 thing on my wishlist! xx

Kitchen by Mike BB_length

Weeks Round Up

Because I have the attention span of a sparrow this week, I am unable to whet your appetite with excellent recipes or descriptions of meals. So feast your eyes instead on some photos I took during my first week of work. Enjoy xx

IMG_0090Here I am excited and anxious walking to the bus on my first day… This photo is small because it is of my face #selfie.



Flowers from home for home.


My super amazing stylin’ desk crockery to brighten my day and my lunch IMG_0119

Perfect end to a tiring week.

Life Update and Excuse Making


I know you may think that for the last two weeks (during which I disappeared for those of you out of the loop) I was just being super lazy and self indulgent but that is not (entirely) true!

I moved.

To be specific I moved to Canberra.Canberra_1

I got a real job, became a proper lawyer, and moved all in one week – I think I found a grey just talking about it.

But don’t think that is going to stop me! I will keep adventuring, in Canberra, Sydney and BEYOOOOND!


Three Blue Ducks


Did I tell you about the time when my dear boyfriend forgot I was visiting him in Canberra and I had to dry myself with a hand-towel after my shower? No, oh, that’s because it was this morning. So as I shivered dry on a frosty -2 degree Canberra morning my mind wandered back to when I was treated to a very Sydney lunch in a much warmer climate at Three Blue Ducks with my mum.

Three Blue Ducks is always in the press and the guys behind it seem to have wonderful adventures and pop ups in the snowy mountains. For now, in a mild winter, visiting their Bronte base is pretty spectacular.

The restaurant is pretty laid back and it seems, other than Mum and I, most people are regulars and have sweet repartee with the staff. Having missed breakfast by a whisker, we decided to wait with a drink and order a very non-breakfast lunch. I ordered the Crisp Skin Mulloway with cauliflower and hazelnuts and mi Madre ordered the beetroot and fennel salad. The menu is fairly seasonal and may have been updated since our visit but based on the freshness of the ingredients I would guess it is hard to order wrong here.

My Mulloway was delightful, I loved the multiple textures of a smooth pure and crunchy nuts with a very lovely bit of fish. And despite my reservation to salads being an entire meal Mum’s salad also complimented my fish well with some more crunch! yum!


With the heat of the sun on our backs and fresh coconuts before lunch Three Blue Ducks is a pretty special place to have lunch. At the moment, I would save it for special occasions as it is a bit more expensive then my average lunch joints but the food is also more special than your average lunch joint. Mains start around $20 for lunch or alternatively you can grab a coffee and a homemade pastry.

I’m sure on a weekend the place would be brimming so I would suggest a mid-week lunch to perk up your sick day… or you can just wait in line – it’s worth it.

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$10 Thai Pumpkin Soup


So I know it’s warming slightly and soups are becoming increasingly neglected but with a bunch of fresh coriander and the spices in this one I am declaring it an evergreen soup/summer friendly!

The recipe is very simple and I’m sure can be altered slightly.

1 Butternut pumpkin approximately a kilo skinned and cubed
1/2 a can of coconut cream
3 heaped tablespoons of Thai red curry paste
Fresh coriander to serve and some crusty bread.


The recipe is adapted from this one from Food Ideas Magazine. I would say it serves 3 people around $3.60 a head plus bread or 4 as an entre size.

  1. Place the pumpkin and the curry paste in a heated pan
  2. Coat the pumpkin generously and cook until the paste becomes slightly sticky – catching the bottom of the pan.
  3. Add the coconut cream and stir through for a minute
  4. Add two cups of water and bring the mixture to the boil before placing a lid on the pot and simmering for 20 minutes
  5. Now is a good time to get your bread in the over for some extra crunch
  6. After 20 minutes blend the mixture until smooth
  7. Season with salt and pepper and rip off some lush coriander leaves for the top
  8. Serve with warm bread and butter!


Monster Appetite

Monster Kitchen and Bar_Eggplant

It isn’t often I get to go the swankiest joint in town but I had the great pleasure of lunching at Monster Kitchen and Bar in Canberra this week. It was pretty spectacular. I mean the building alone is spectacular.

I’ve been admiring the Nishi Building from the outside for the last four months, then my obsession took a step up and I began telling people that I was were there next year – because if you can – WHY NOT? Anyway, this lunch was actually the first time I stepped inside the Nishi Building and it was quite overwhelming. I entered from the Hotel Hotel lobby and you are immediately thrust into the restaurant. It was a little confusing as I was trying to look for “the first floor where the food was” as described by my friend but was already on that floor.

They have an extensive menu with breakfast to 12 and lunch/dinner which includes a lunch specific menu and a tasting plate menu. We opted for the tasting plates this time but I am hoping to visit again soon for a try of some of those delicious sandwiches I saw running out of the kitchen.

The staff are super friendly and the menu is SO big, so we asked for some highlights and they were happy to oblige. In the end we chose a selection of two veggies – the eggplant, smoked goat’s curd, katsuoboushi and sesame AND the broccoli, Ortiz anchovies, chilli, lemon and pine nuts – and a meat dish -  the pulled lamb shoulder, pistachio, yoghurt, vine leaf, pomegranate and brik. Monster Kitchen and Bar_Lamb ShoulderMonster Kitchen and Bar_Broccoli

The eggplant, pictured up top, was quite theatrical with the katsuobushi gently curling in the air as it was brought to the table. The flavours were quite Japanese and the goats curd cut through the sweetness of the dish. I honestly could have had the entire plate of eggplant to myself, but that would be greedy, so I shared – this time…

The pulled lamb was again visually spectacular with bright green pistachios and shiny pink pomegranate showing off in the light. The dish had strong middle eastern flavours (der, Lauren) and the brik turned out to be a slightly sweet pastry much like the one in Lebanese sweets. It was really delicious.

The broccoli was somewhat out-shined by my love for the other two dishes and THEN I had dessert.

Monster Kitchen and Bar_dessertsThere is a selection of dessert displayed beautifully for you to come and admire/devour, as well as some that are staples on the menu. Angelique, the pastry chef, provides a French twist to the already eclectic cuisine and we were told some desserts are simply called “The Angelique” and require no further explanation. The Angelique du jour was a chocolaty crunchy affair but we were much more drawn to the bright colours of the berries. While the nougat looked meltingly gorgeous we chose the crème brûlée and a type of giant meringue/pavlova mutant, which in fact was extremely delicate and tasted a lot better than my description.

Monster Kitchen and Bar_NougatMonster Kitchen and Bar_PavMonster Kitchen and Bar_Creme Brule

On the business end – the meal was more expensive than your average lunch but for the quality and venue preeeettty preeeettty good. The lunch menu had sandwiches in the $12- $15 mark, which I thought was quite the bonus.

When I live upstairs in the Nishi apartments and am made of money I will dine here everyday – until then I would definitely take all my friends and family.

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City Edge Cafe aka Sandwich Heaven

City Edge Cafe Exterior

You know when you feel like a really good sandwich, a REALLY good sandwich. You should come here. I mean obviously proximity may be a an issue some times but when it’s not, you should come here. There is a literal chalkboard of choice and you can chose the type of bread you want which trebles the chalkboard so you could be standing there for a while.

Anyway I digress, City Edge has a good rep to uphold and it delivers day after day. With a near constant line leading out the door the service is quick, super friendly. Plus they sell flowers and flowers warm my soul. For a couple of months I was working nearby and got to visit weekly, now I miss this little sandwich shop.

City Edge Cafe - Schnitzel Bánh mìMy favourite sandwich is a revolving special – City Edge’s take on Bánh mì. It’s a little different from your traditional Bánh mì that is currently taking Sydney by storm. A deliciously crisp and what honestly tastes like a freshly fried schnitzel, some tangy Asian slaw, spiced mayo and then some of the traditional. The baguette is a whopper, very large for little Lauren but I force it down none the less.City Edge Cafe - T4

The first visit I grabbed a T9  – grilled haloumi, avocado, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, rocket and lemon juice with some extra chicken. I ordered purely based to someone’s urbanspoon recommendation and I fell in love. On my fourth visit (I repeat ordered a couple of times) I grabbed half a of a T4 (pictured) -  duck, boiled egg, mushroom, cucumber, mint, coriander, rocket, chilli paste and hoisin sauce. It’s like a never-ending peaking duck pancake of deliciousness. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve started to drool remembering the sandwich.

I wish I was a local here because the service is always so friendly they make you feel like friends. When you wait in line you’ll notice the green smoothie craze is alive and good here and I often indulge in a freshly squeezed watermelon and mint.

One day, when I’m no longer an intern I will eat my T4, gulp down my watermelon juice and grab a bunch of flowers to go…
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East Coast Rundown

CBD Dumpling HouseI can hear what you are asking, Lauren, where have you been!? I know right, seriously slacking over the last two weeks.

Part of the reason at least is that I have not been at home! Well. I have been at home but just on boring days like Monday – Friday. When not at home I’ve been visiting loved ones across the country and you know, eating, of course. So may I recommend:

CBD Dumpling House, Canberra:

I had a little giggle at this restaurant when we first drove by. The Sydney snob in me didn’t think there was a CBD in Canberra, but geographical knowledge aside I first spied this place when Harry and I got stuck in the carpark next door and it’s been on my to try list!

Salt and Pepper Squid_CBD Dumpling House

FINALLY, three months later, I have had the pleasure of being squeezed in without a booking for a quickie, oooohhh yeah. It was really lovely to get something of a quality in Canberra that I would compare to some of my favourite dumpling houses at home, having had some disappointing experiences with Chinese food nearby. Having the above restrictions, we stuck to staples, dumplings and salt and pepper squid. The squid was super salty but also kind of super moorish – went well with wine. The dumplings were plump with a delicate shell. I did struggle with my vinegar/soy ratio but that was more a personal battle than anything CBD Dumpling House did. The service was friendly too with lots of smiles and a couple of excellent jokes thrown in. Of course not having the chinatown competition CBD is a bit more exy than what you’d find in other capital cities but, if you too stick with the staples, it’s  still quite affordable.
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Pocket, Burleigh Heads:Pocket_Burleigh Heads

I went to Burleigh for a 90th birthday. It was a lovely weekend and a wonderfully relaxing way to finish my degree.

Although the weekend was primarily about family we did manage to sneak out and walk down the block a couple of times. It was hear that we discovered Pocket. A take-away joint that specialises in “pita pockets.”

I have trepidations about mainstream middle-eastern food. Not because I think they will be bad, mainly because I eat so much at home and you know grandma makes best. But the falafel was JUST LIKE SITA’S! I was so excited. It was perfect in a little pocket of bread with tabouleh, tahini and some harissa style chilli sauce. So simple and so fabulous. You can grab a half pocket for $9, which is all I needed. We went back twice!
The Pocket Burleigh on Urbanspoon

NB: photos of pita pockets are not very attractive, please feast your eyes instead on their lovely shop interior.

Anyway I’m back now, for a couple of weeks anyway, so hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me – ready or not!

Spicy chorizo, eggplant and spinach pasta

IMG_9754 I have discovered something fabulous… well I was shown something fabulous by the people who created it but I’m going to claim it like it’s my own.

Now I’m not good at grocery shopping, especially now I have moved out and have to do it myself. I only go when I have no food and/or am hungry so I end up buying all these brilliant fresh and incongruent ingredients that no matter how I try do not create a satisfying meal.

Anyway, the guys from Your Fork think that you have better things to do than grocery shop, or in my case, it would be easier to grocery shop for specific meals and are now rolling out a service in Sydney where they will shop and deliver for you! The service is all for your convenience, so if you realise that you have a late meeting and will not be able to go shopping before your romantic dinner date you can order your meal on Your Fork and have it delivered to you! The delivery time is currently 2-3 hours for “Create Your Own” dinners so you can order it just before you leave work. Other excellent examples that do not directly relate to me include picking up the kids from school, but let’s be honest, when would I have a late meeting? As well as full meals you also have the option of adding extras like the bread and butter basics or a cheeky dessert. There is a small delivery fee of $5 so it’s akin to ordering take-out. The team also have over 50 meal kits for novices that will be delivered within an hour.

So, now that I have a constant empty pantry it seemed like an excellent opportunity to refill the shelves. I started with an old favourite: spicy chorizo, eggplant and spinach pasta. This will serve 4 people for $5.60 a head and you can add/subtract as you need.

Spicy Chorizo pasta

What you need:

2 Chorizos or fresh sausage (I used sausages this time but chorizos provide an added element of flavour)
1/2 a bag of fresh baby spinach (about 80 grams)
1 large eggplant
chilli flakes (optional)
2 cloves of garlic (crushed or diced)
Olive oil

Let’s do this:

  1. Cut the chorizos into slices and the eggplant into chunks about 3cm cubes.
  2. Boil up some pasta – that is all the instructions I’m giving you on that one.
  3. In a hot pan, toss the chorizos and let them caramelise – you want the nice chorizo oils to come out so you can take the chorizos pretty far and get a nice colour on them.
  4. After about 3 minutes or once the oils have started releasing add the crushed garlic cloves and the eggplant chunks. If your pan has a lid place it on top to aid in the cooking of the eggplant otherwise be aware that drinks oil like no tomorrow so try not so don’t go crazy as the mixture does tend to look a little dry.
  5. After a couple of minutes add a few pinches of chilli flakes to taste for the ka-pow factor! This will depend on the type of chorizo you use as some already have quite the chilli hit.
  6. The pasta should pretty much be done now so reserve a cup of pasta water and drain it out.
  7. Put the dry pasta in the pan with chorizo and eggplants once the eggplant has charred a bit and add the spinach again if you have a lid place it on top for 30 seconds to steam the spinach before tossing through.
  8. Add a swig of oil and/or a few drops of the pasta water if the pasta looks to dry and mix well with some tongs.


Voila your dinner is ready…. and if you order through Your Fork you haven’t even left the house.

If you want to try my spicy chorizo, eggplant and spinach pasta you can order it through Your Fork and using the code “LITTLELAUREN” you get $10 off your first order!

Your Fork is rolling out throughout Sydney and is hoping to expand to other cities soon so keep your ear to the ground xx



This post was brought to you thanks to the generosity from the team at Your Fork. The recipe and opinions are my own in line with my review policy.

Thai on Wok home delivery and Little Lauren’s First Ever Giveaway with Menulog

Menulog Confirmation

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Menulog No.1 for Online Takeaway and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some local institutions. I LOVE LOCAL! So, it was a bit of a no-brainer. Also I was already quite familiar with Menulog, as it’s a great way to order on the go! So, this week to celebrate the end of my exams (and degree) my family got together for some good ole take-away and TV watching. Turns out as it was Origin Wednesday a lot of people had the same idea, so I ordered our dinner on my train home.

It’s a pretty straightforward process you search your local area i.e. Annandale and a whole list of delivery options come up. I was in the mood for Thai so ordered from Thai on Wok a fairly popular joint in Glebe that always has a bit of hustle and bustle. After you confirm your order you receive a text with estimated delivery time and because Thai on Wok is particularly awesome they called me to check how spicy I like my food! A lot of restaurants on Menulog have a number of promotions to entice you, including: throwing in extras once you spend over a certain amount, discounting your first order, or rewarding you with a free dish after a set number of orders, so it competes with ordering take-away by phone.

Anyway everyone knows what take-away looks like so I took it upon myself to plate it up nicely so you weren’t put off by pictures of containers and we could all really truly appreciate how brilliant this King Prawn Choo Chee. Isn’t it beautiful? It is by far my favourite thing on the menu and Dad and I usually fight it out for the sauce at the end. My brother and Mum are slightly more civilised preferring the much healthier option of beef sliced salad. Despite not being much of a salad person I have to say this salad is pretty damn good, with thinly sliced lemon grass, chilli, lime, coriander and really tender beef strips. They also separate the salad elements from the hot beef when you order out so you don’t get any soggy salad. While we also got a classic Pad Thai I was far more excited by the surprise fried element (der) having ordered over $50 we got two free vegetarian spring rolls and curry puffs. These were probably of the frozen variety but we all know how I feel about fried things so I enjoyed them regardless.

King Prawn Choo Chee - Thai on Wok

Beef Salad - Thai on WokPad Thai - Thai on Wok

It was a bit of a nostalgic evening with all the chooks back in the hen house eating one of our favourite family meals and as an added bonus I got the left overs for lunch!

Thai on Wok is a fast, fresh and simple place and the quality of its delivery/take-away food is on par with the dine in service.

And thanks to the generosity of Menulog you could win one of two $10 Menulog Vouchers off your next take-away night. To enter keep an eye on Little Lauren’s Facebook Page and test your skills with some quick quizes, terms and conditions apply please read below.

This post was sponsored by Menulog – No 1 for Online Takeaway, review is my own in line with my review policy.
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Terms and Conditions:

  1. This is a game of skill no element of chance is involved.
  2. First correct answer based on time stamp will be considered the winner.
  3. The winners will be notified by Facebook message and will have 48 hours to respond before the prize is redrawn
  4. The competition is open to all Australian residents.
  5. One entry per person
  6. The voucher will be valid from one month from the date it is issued to Little Lauren and will be sent to you at the earliest possible convenience.
  7. Total prize pool is valued at $10 and is to be used with a local Menulog restaurant of the winner’s choosing (where valid) and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  8. The voucher code will be valid for delivery only and payments via credit card.
  9. The voucher is valid for one use only.
  10. Little Lauren is not liable or responsible in any way or form for prizes that are subsequently not delivered by a third party or arrive damaged or late.
  11. Judge’s decision is final.