Birthday Bonanza: Billy Kwong Potts Point


Billy Kwong has long been my favourite restaurant for special occasions. I have been there three times over a ten year period and each experience has been so amazing that they are committed to my memory. Now, relocated in a… Continue Reading

Small bites and delights around Melbourne CBD


      A good ad campaign can really kill a joint. I’m being serious. From watching Melbourne ads I expect every laneway to deliver the most exquisite bar/restaurant/cafe/shop. Unrealistically high expectations. This has never really been the case from personal experience.… Continue Reading

Breakfast in the clouds: Cumulus Inc


Remember when we went to Cumulus Inc.? Well, funny story the very next morning we went again! Jokes, that would be embarrassing. We waited a full day. The menu is noteably more refined (read lighter) than the monster hash I… Continue Reading

Dinner in the clouds: Cumulus Inc

Little Lauren's Adventures_Cumulus Dinner_Bar

It’s always interesting when you travel with your parents after you have done some solo travel. The difference between our standards in accommodation can only be described as a generational gap! Needless to say our accommodation left Mum less than… Continue Reading