This Week’s Honourable Mentions

Detour Half Serve Avo on ToastI don’t think I’ve had one meal at home this week… seriously of the possible 15, two have been made at home. So here are a few places I gorged at this week and thoroughly enjoyed doing so in the process!

This place is the bomb diggity (I’m bringing it back). It is the ONLY place the entire office gets coffee and considering the abundance of options in the area that’s impressive. What I find more impressive and very frugal friendly is they do this cute little half serve of avocado on toast (pictured above) for $3.50. It’s been my staple breakfast for a while now… and considering how expensive actual avocados are I think I’m winning.

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This restaurant had some hype, lemme tell you, everyone’s crying over missing out on some supposedly amazing duck and prawn pancakes… Well, in yo’ face! Because I totally had a nanna dinner and got to try them before they sold out. They are heavenly, the crunchy omelette, the duck, there really isn’t much I didn’t like about these pancakes. Also the SIZE was epic…

Phamish Duck and Prawn Pancake

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I love Kakawa, it’s not really a drop in place but when I was in advertising we would send little delicious parcels of these hand made chocolates to clients and guests… and sometimes we would accidentally over order. Kakawa is ridiculously close to my office and I often walk past. As I had already indulged this week I thought a tiny caramel couldn’t hurt.Kakawa Caramel Chew

The shop is beautiful and mostly made up of the chocolate workshop so you can see your favourite chocolates being made right in front of your eyes. I bought a chai infused caramel chew for 80 cents. It was the perfect size and uber delicious. (I also got some take away but that’s technically a present so…I’ll tell you about that later)

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While in actual fact I went to Brickfields last week, I love this place. The menu is subject to change but if you are hungry you can’t go past their “big breakfast” aka boiled egg, hummus, heirloom tomatoes and a fancy sausage I can’t recall the name of or their bacon, kale and aioli sandwich, but beware do not munch on this baby before a date.

I always leave with a loaf of their fresh baked bread too, even though it’s too much for me to handle solo it’s worth sharing with friends.

So thank you all for serving as urban kitchens for me this week! Next week it’s lunch from home EVERYDAY!


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