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I love doughnuts. To be specific, I love cinnamon doughnuts. In my mind this classic doughnut is far superior than its iced friends and usually jam is unnecessary. During our three years in America I barely touched doughnuts as they all had that Krispy Kreme style sugar glaze. Although I was attracted to this shiny alternative for a short while the fascination was short lived and I craved my cinnamon classics. When my friend told me she had eaten the best doughnut in her life at The Cook and Baker in Bondi Junction, I was skeptical. To be honest I had no real desire to test her claim.

Then fortuitously I attended an event catered by The Cook and Baker. The doughnuts were piled high, fresh cream and jam oozing out. As I went to take my first bite I remembered my friends claim, surely this couldn’t be better than my classic cinnamon favourites… But it is! It’s an amazing combination of fresh cream, home made jam and a dough that is light and not overly sweet. I fell in love, thus began my obsession with The Cook and Baker. Many a Sunday my mum and I have traveled to the small cafe on Oxford street for these doughnuts. Along the way we have discovered that The Cook and Baker is not a one-trick pony.IMG_6555

The pies have a delicious buttery pastry with both vegetarian and meat loving options (personal fav is the chicken, mushroom and tarragon – deslish!) and the sandwiches are fresh I usually opt for the roast pork and apple slaw sandwich that is fab either served fresh or toasted.

Slowly, I’m trialing more and more of their baked goodies – the Lamingtons looks great and the¬†Chocolate and Boysenberry Whoopie Pie are delicious. I’m not an overly sweet tooth type – fried will always win over dessert- but I will always go back for a doughnut and now they come in a mini size they are even more perfect with half the guilt.

Last week I had the pleasure of pitching a cafe to profile at my new internship with Broadsheet Sydney, of course I chose The Cook and Baker – you can read the profile here.

Oh I almost forgot! Honorable mention to their salted caramel popcorn packs!!

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