Oh my, Ramen Ikkyu, you stole my heart

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Just a warning… this post contains unabashed gushing, maybe it’s because I’ve got extreme cabin fever, maybe it’s because this is the best ramen I’ve ever had – who knows but it’s just full of gushing.

Oh My Ramen, this place is absolutely amazing.

Ramen Ikkyu does one thing, but it does it incredibly well. I could cry tears of ramen joy at the mere mention of it’s name. I decided I had to try it after reading so many great comments, so much so that when I saw it’s rating on some food websites I was horrified. But I like taking risks (bahahahahahahah). I had spent most of one Friday afternoon researching places to try ramen and got my restaurants a little confused. I’m 90% sure I got Ramen Ikkyo confused with one of the other places I read about because I was stunned, STUNNED, that it was in a food court. I even BYO’d to a food court (I don’t know if that’s legal but no one seemed to mind).

Sussex Street food court is unlike your average China Town food court, it has staff clearing tables constantly and is pretty much packed every Friday and Saturday. If you score a table near Ramen Ikkyu by the window, it’s an excellent people watching perch, especially when the night markets are on. Anyway, back to the ramen.

Ramen Ikkyu Menu

To order you go up to the counter where two iPads sit with an interactive menu. There is usually some very helpful and friendly wait staff to assist you if you get confused and if you make a mistake they are very obliging. There are several types of ramen, with different stock and meats available. The bowls range from about $11 – $20 depending on the toppings you pick, obviously the more lavish you want the more it will cost. The most expensive I saw was Pork Rib Ramen for $20.

I am more than satisfied in getting the Ikkyu Soy. It has a thicker, richer broth than some other ramens but even still it’s not heavy enough to stop me from finishing the entire bowl. On my first visit I noticed that you could select toppings to go with your ramen, I wasn’t sure if toppings came as standard as some more cheeky places give you a pretty bare bowl. Ramen Ikkyu would not do such a thing, half a boiled egg, two sheets of nori, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and mushrooms and three gloriously cooked slabs of pork come standard. The extra toppings are very generous and all come nicely set out in a white bowl. The side bowl is the same size if you get a side of mushrooms or if you get a side of chilli oil, so keep that in mind – that’s a lot of chilli oil! I have tried the extras but I usually enjoy the ramen so much I sometimes forget about the, although chilli oil is a nice addition. I’ve tasted the lighter broth, Tokyo Soy, which is also delicious but I prefer the pepper and depth of the Ikkyu Soy.
The restaurant can be quite busy sometimes selling out of the more popular dishes and is a squige over $10 but considering you “can” BYO without charge I am letting it slide into the $10 food court. The Ikkyu and Tokyo Ramens are $11.50 each and sides start at $1.

Sussex Street food court is quite a gem and I look forward to trying a few other places, especially one apparently called “served with rice and soup” that was remarkably popular despite it’s unoriginal name.

I have to stop now, I’m literally drooling in class while pretending to listen to patenting laws of plant varieties…but dreaming of Ramen Ikkyu.

Ramen Ikkyu - Ikkyu Ramen Soy with Chilli Oil  Ramen Ikkyu - Tokyo Ramen Soy

Happy eating! xx

Also does anyone know if ramen is meant to capitalised?… awkies

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