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Now that I’m the Queen of internships and working 2 days without pay I like to save pennies wherever I can. Food is something that will always be something I’m willing to go broke for but thanks to coupons sometimes you don’t have to!

Foveaux is a one-hatted restaurant that sits (you guessed it) on Foveaux street. It is very fancy schmancy, the full nine-yards with carpet, white table clothes etc. I had been there before with some girlfriends so when I saw they had a voucher online I hopped right to it. Eating with a voucher usually means mid-week dining and sometimes the early seating, but for the money you save it’s totes worth

I ordered red pepper nachos, sour cream ice cream, sweet corn, avocado, tomato and jalapeno dressing. I love (the) nachos! I had unknowingly tried them before when I went to a birthday downstairs at the Red Door but the entrée size was so much better! Calling it Nachos is a little misleading, for one thing there isn’t any cheese. After eating the dish you don’t feel sluggish and oily but really refreshed. It’s a very clean dish and the sour cream ice cream totally stole my heart!

My hairy companion ordered a more sophisticated sounding entrée, the smoked duck, broccoli, cuttlefish, duck cheese and umeboshi. In comparison to the nachos, the smoked duck was a much more traditional dish. The plate was cute and I liked the cuttlefish as an additional texture. At first it seemed a little small, but the dish was quite rich so the small size was necessary to ensure you had enough room for your main. As this was not my meal and I didn’t expect to eat it, I didn’t take a photo.

Finally we were pretty boring with our main selection. The entire purpose of our dining adventure was for my beloved – hahah that sounds so creepy – to try venison, so we both ordered the roasted venison leg, mushroom puree, juniper oil, spaetzle, pickled red cabbage with apple and spanish onion. I remember this dish fondly from my first visit to Foveaux and it was exactly how I remembered it! The venison is moist and the mushroom puree really smooth and tasty. I loved the spaetzle (German dumplings that are boiled then fried) a satisfying addition, but if you know me at all you know my weak spot for a deep fryer. There is one thing that you may notice, the plate is very brown. Unfortunately, the colours don’t reflect the dish in the best light but it’s totally 100% worth ordering – if you need colour that badly you can order a side of veg.


I always feel like I’m walking into a secret dining spot at Foveaux, each table an island. I think what I’m trying to say is sometimes it’s nice not to have to befriend your neighbour because your elbows are touching.

If you can grab a voucher than go for it, but if not (and you have a real job) I’d most definitely still go! An entre and main will set you back $60 per person and the wines are pretty scrump to!


Final thought: Order the Nachos – they are exciting and adventurous and I know that sounds wanky but it’s true!

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  1. delicious article for what looks to be a delicious evening spent with delicious people x

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